This is a powerful time. With old patterns disrupted, new possibilities are opening and change is happening quickly. Now is the time to reimagine and recreate our lives, work, and relationships in ways that uplift us all.

Foundations of  Energy Work

A Six-Month Experiential Course in Basic Energy Practice

March 2023- August 2023

Seated Meditating figure with chakra centers radiating light and mandala overlay ©2022

An intensive entry-level class for leaders, parents, healers, facilitators of individual & group awareness—anyone who wants to develop subtle energy competencies and practices in an intimate, practical setting, or who wants to feel more empowered and effective in work, relationships and life.

Topics include principles and practices that support:

  • Perception of subtle energy and how to work with it in healthy, ethical and effective ways;
  • Preventing overstimulation, confusion and overwhelm by others’ feelings or energy;
  • Recognizing how and when to trust intuitive or empathic information—distinguishing true knowing from instinct, fantasy or projection;
  • Enhanced ability to be grounded, present and effective in challenging circumstances;
  • Restoring and balancing one’s own energy, health and resources;
  • Coming home to one’s own spiritual Truth, authentic essence, and the power of Presence;

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I work with leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives who are contributing to the renewal of our collective lives by:

  • offering innovative approaches to complex problems.
  • shaping culture and social structures.
  • redefining old paradigms of power and relationship.
  • healing and restoring communities.
  • establishing a nobler vision of what we can be together.


These clients are seasoned executives with enough leadership experience to have been humbled by it. The challenges they face are complex and fast-changing, the stakes high, the outcomes unpredictable. They no longer imagine heroic roles for themselves but aspire instead to be agile, responsive partners in a larger emerging pattern. They develop people around them in aligned collaboration. As committed to the inner work of leadership as to the outer work, who they are and how they lead lifts others up. 


Entrepreneurship is a masterclass in knowing oneself as creator of all that we experience. Successful entrepreneurs understand that the health of their business is an immediate reflection of the consciousness they bring to it; their vision, creativity, resourcefulness, inner conflicts, and beliefs in limitation or struggle are all reflected in opportunities and challenges. Their reward for bringing awareness of these creative forces to the practical decisions and strategies of entrepreneurship is a life of integrity and contribution—the highest expression of their passion and purpose.


I support creatives who take us into the unexplored and emerging geographies of our hearts and being. They speak to what is evolutionary, authentic, and generative, awakening possibilities for fuller expressions of who we are becoming. Their largely private work on behalf of the collective asks much of them. Coaching supports the essential task of staying true to their inspiration when inner or outer resistance arises. Engaging that resistance constructively refines their expression in ways that bring it more powerfully to the world.

My work is entirely customized to each client’s needs and circumstances. We may begin in any of the following formats and, when it serves, shift to another or combine them.

Executive Coaching

What is my authentic executive presence? How do I use my power with integrity? How assertive should I be in promoting change? How can I develop a more effective leadership team? What’s the best approach to political challenges? How can I rewrite my own self-limiting narratives and be my most powerful and effective as a leader?

Executive coaching is a high-level thought partnership that gives leaders the opportunity to test their thinking, evaluate options, work through personal challenges, learn new skills, and understand their own capacities in an entirely confidential and objective relationship. Such a partnership helps leaders be clear, wise, and attuned to what’s happening now—strengths that are especially crucial when conditions are quickly and unpredictably changing.

For those who have been called to the depths, there is more. Perhaps you sense intuitive stirrings, a restlessness of soul, an impulse to risk something new in service to what you can’t yet see. Or there may be a more obvious transformation afoot: a major transition, a profound loss or a new beginning, a courageous question, a conflict or crisis, a search for meaning. However it presents, you want to follow this call—and receive what it promises.

It is my privilege to guide individuals through what may feel like unfamiliar terrain but is ultimately a way home. Together, we hold a light to what has been hidden and see what is waiting to be known. We bring a new awareness that transforms structures, relationships, and practical ways of being. The process may seem deeply psychological, spiritual, or both. Always, we are guided by an emerging wisdom and grounded in practices designed specifically for each client’s unique journey.

Transformational Guidance

Group Exploration

We are experiencing a collective initiation. The heroic framework—where power, competence and knowing reside within exceptional individuals we look to for guidance—cannot take us into the new pattern. The wisdom emerging now is coming through collective sensing and response to intelligence that transcends any individual.

Collective intelligence is “field” awareness and transmission practiced by a coherent group. To access this capacity we suspend personal certainty, seek diverse perspectives, and see whole systems. We listen for and trust the ways human and natural systems speak—through the voice deep within and through subtle perception, in symbols, synchronies, stories, and the natural world. We then use our personal choices and actions to embody what we have received and help to bring a new reality into being.

I offer group explorations as laboratories for experimentation and communities of practice. We work in an energetically-held container to develop the subtle capacities needed to access emergent wisdom as we explore a particular theme. Participants make rich connections that can nourish their work and growth beyond the group experience.

What My Clients are Saying