Establishing Powerful Personal Presence

October 2024  – March 2025

A Six-Month Experiential Course
in Subtle Energy Practice

An intensive entry-level class for leaders, parents, healers, facilitators of individual & group awareness—anyone who wants to develop subtle energy competencies and practices in an intimate, practical setting, or who wants to feel more empowered and effective in work, relationships and life.

Topics include principles and practices that support:

  • Perceiving and working with subtle energy in healthy, ethical and effective ways;
  • Preventing overstimulation, confusion and overwhelm by others’ feelings or energy;
  • Recognizing how and when to trust intuitive or empathic information—distinguishing true knowing from instinct, fantasy or projection;
  • Enhanced ability to be grounded, present and effective in challenging circumstances;
  • Restoring and balancing one’s own energy, health and resources;
  • Coming home to one’s own spiritual Truth, authentic essence, and the power of Presence;
  • Being a healing Presence and resource for others in ways that also heal and restore us.

The course includes:

  • 6) monthly live 2-hour learning & practice sessions
  • (6) monthly live 1-hour Q & A or deep-dive discussion sessions
  • (6) or more recorded audio meditations/visualizations to support energy practice and learning
  • Worksheets, resource list and other written material to support insight and learning

Optional: 1:1 mentoring, integration or attunement sessions may be scheduled for an extra fee


Video recordings of all sessions will be available to stream for a full year from the course start; audio recordings of the meditations and supplementary materials may be downloaded for personal use.

Course Schedule:  1st and 3rd Tuesdays

  • 2-hour live class sessions will be on Zoom from 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific on: Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, and Mar 4
  • 1-hour live Q & A or deep dive sessions will be on Zoom from 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific on: Oct 15, Nov 19, Dec 17, Jan 21, Feb 18, and Mar 18

6 Month Course Fee: $1595 paid in full or six monthly payments of $275. Registration deadline is September 16th.  

$100 Early Bird discount for registrations paid in full before September 1st.

* Minimum of 8 participants required for course launch.

Practices for Embodied Presence

Our personal power is transmitted through our presence: the embodiment of our authentic truth or essence. When we are in a state of genuine presence, we shine with the truth of our Being, have profound positive impact on others, move easily and gracefully through challenges, and accomplish what we intend effortlessly.

All of us, though, have learned ways—patterns—of responding to stimulation in our environments that diminish this presence and leave us feeling unclear, ungrounded, overstimulated, exhausted, working too hard, diminishing our impact and distorting our communication. These patterns are unconscious mechanisms designed to protect us when we’re younger from experiences we don’t have the capacity to integrate. They do this by taking us out of presence so that we have less of the overwhelming experience. When we continue habitually to rely on these unconscious patterns, we lose access to all the substantial resources we now have as adults to respond to situations with wisdom and creativity.

In this enlivening two-day workshop, we look at five subtle energy patterns (see the series of videos about them here). Through dialogue, partner work and embodiment exercises, you will learn about each pattern, gaining clarity about the ones you habitually use and the effects they have. Most importantly, you will learn energetic practices you can use right away to help you stay anchored, oriented and coherent when your patterns begin to arise so that you can move through the world with greater agency, impact and ease.

This in-person weekend workshop is co-taught by Grace Boda and Joy Riechart (, who holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Aikido and is an integral coach, writer and energy worker.


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Fundamentals of Co-Creation

A 6-month intensive course that illuminates the expanding awareness, clearer perception, and greater capacities that accompany openings in Self-Realization. We trace the path from victim consciousness and the suffering that accompanies it through the progressive softening of ego to the realization of our True Nature as inherently powerful, wise creators of all that we experience.

Through examining this progression, we gain new perspective on how experiences of suffering and lack arise in our lives, and how to create them differently. Specifically, we trace:

  • How we co-create with others and with Life the experiences we have, and
  • How we view and resolve “harms” in relationships.

Each class presents tools and practices students can apply to their current lived experiences to find greater freedom, security, peace, and forgiveness of self and others.

This course is appropriate for those who have established the capacity to sustain a grounded, open, boundaried presence and are willing to look honestly at their own reactive patterns of thought and emotion in order to integrate them.


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From Metaphysics to Mysticism:
Bridging Energy Work & Spirituality

In Fundamentals of Energy Work, students learned to perceive beyond the physical domain—to see subtle energetic patterns in their own experience, relationships, and endeavors and to use energetic practices and tools to support their ease and effectiveness. These are metaphysical (beyond the physical) practices.

In this course, also a 6-month intensive, we bring metaphysical work into service of mysticism, or the direct relationship a person has with creative intelligence beyond their own ego or psychology. Rather than referencing established traditions, lineages, scriptures or sages, we open to direct transcendent experience and higher guidance. We bring our individual consciousness and actions into alignment with Higher Wisdom.

Each student is supported to investigate their own experience, without imposition of any “right” path or answer, and to explore practices for opening more fully to awareness of and alignment with their own Higher Truth. In this way, each comes more fully into service of something larger than themselves in a way that is authentic for them, and offers what they steward—unique interests, capacities and talents– moment to moment, guided by higher wisdom.


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Group Meditations

These convenings are hosted on or near each equinox and solstice and occasional additional times. Each features a guided meditation and energetic activation led by Grace as well as opportunities shared reflection. The gatherings support deepening of practice, community-building, and development of the capacity for collective sensing of emergent wisdom. Additionally, the group works energetically for healing and restoration in the larger world. 


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Upcoming Meditation:

Summer Solstice Meditation June 20th, 5:00-6:30 pm Pacific