Close Up Radio Spotlights Executive Coach Grace Boda

Energy work and the power of embodied presence

Walnut Creek, CA – Grace Boda works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives who are contributing to the renewal of our collective lives by:

  • offering innovative approaches to complex problems.
  • shaping culture and social structures.
  • redefining old paradigms of power and relationship.
  • healing and restoring communities.
  • establishing a nobler vision of what we can be together.

Creating this new way forward requires a more holistic perspective and new skill sets. What worked in the past simply isn’t enough in this critical time. Grace is a highly skilled and accomplished executive and organizational systems coach, professional mediator and energy worker who guides her clients to see and understand their challenges with more depth and to respond to them with greater impact. She uses, and helps her clients to develop, a broad range of perceptual capacities and skills for creating and shaping their contexts in new ways.

Grace also stresses the importance of bringing rigorous self-examination to the process By bringing awareness to limiting beliefs and assumptions, unresolved experiences or unconscious material we tend to project onto others around us, we clear the lens of our own perception and can discern truth more easily in the sea of confusing information. Patterns begin to emerge and we find clarity of direction and purpose and a pathway to effective action.