Going Beyond Every Teaching

The process of self-inquiry or self-appraisal is one of the most powerful tools we have on a journey of refinement, connection and transformation. It’s how we sense and recognize the invisible shape of our inner awareness and consciousness.

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Could Armageddon Be an Inner-Geddon?

Do the true origins and causing forces of the dramatic and powerful struggles we see around the globe really lie in the physical world, where they manifest and shape our communities and cultures? Or is the outer world, even the chaos and destruction, a physical reflection of the perceptions and sense of self that form our deeper collective inner life?

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The Four Practice Zones

Transformation and co-creation mean more than living only in our heads with great ideas and esoteric knowledge. They require being able to embody and bring to life our inner alignments, feelings, values, and knowing; making the journey from mental concepts and knowledge to a living reality that demonstrates our deepest awareness and understanding. Living a continually unfolding truth.

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The Co-Creative Power of Life

This is a special Portals of Perception conversation with a diverse group of practitioners and leaders who bring their insights into consciousness, and their skills in creating transformative change, to top executives, teams and communities around the world.

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Audio Conversations

Close Up Radio Spotlights Executive Coach Grace Boda

Energy work and the power of embodied presence
Grace Boda works with leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives who are contributing to the renewal of our collective lives by:
*offering innovative approaches to complex problems.
*shaping culture and social structures.
*redefining old paradigms of power and relationship.
*healing and restoring communities.
*establishing a nobler vision of what we can be together.

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The Geography of Being Open

In this interview with Leaning into Light Founder Jessica Rios, Grace shares stories from her own life about the gifts of being available to the Divine — “the ongoing flow and generosity of this universe.” “Rather than living with a terrifying perspective, we begin to pull from a deeper well” and realize that “Light is constantly reaching for us, just as we choose to lean into Light. There is a Light, a gift, that is blessing us all the time.”

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