Could Armageddon Be an Inner-Geddon?

Do the true origins and causing forces of the dramatic and powerful struggles we see around the globe really lie in the physical world, where they manifest and shape our communities and cultures? Or is the outer world, even the chaos and destruction, a physical reflection of the perceptions and sense of self that form our deeper collective inner life?

In other words, is it more accurate to think of Armageddon as an Inner-geddon, the real location of the prophesized final battle between darkness and light, the past and the future? In many narratives this “end of days” also brings the realization that as one world culminates, another emerges, with the long-awaited evolutionary next step for humanity.

To help us explore such a deep and profound mystery, we brought together a group of Portals friends, some of whom have been with us in previous conversations — all accomplished teachers, writers, thinkers and doers.

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