Foundations of  Energy Work

A Six-Month Experiential Course in Basic Energy Practice

September 2022- February 2023

 A Six-Month Experiential Course in Subtle Energy Practice 

An intensive entry-level class for leaders, parents, healers, facilitators of individual & group awareness—anyone who wants to develop subtle energy competencies and practices in an intimate, practical setting, or who wants to feel more empowered and effective in work, relationships and life. 

Topics include principles and practices that support:

  • Perception of subtle energy and how to work with it in healthy, ethical and effective ways;
  • Preventing overstimulation, confusion and overwhelm by others’ feelings or energy; Recognizing how and when to trust intuitive or empathic information—distinguishing true knowing from instinct, fantasy or projection;
  • Enhanced ability to be grounded, present and effective in challenging circumstances;
  • Restoring and balancing one’s own energy, health and resources;
  • Coming home to one’s own spiritual Truth, authentic essence, and the power of Presence;
  • Being a healing presence and resource for others in ways that also heal and restore us.

The course includes:

  • (6) monthly live 2-hour learning & practice sessions
  • (6) monthly live 1-hour Q & A or deep-dive discussion sessions
  • (12) or more recorded audio meditations/visualizations to support energy practice and learning
  • Worksheets, resource list and other written material to support insight and learning

Optional: 1:1 mentoring, integration or attunement sessions may be scheduled for an extra fee.

Course Schedule:

  • 2-hour live class sessions will be on Zoom from 9:00-11:00 AM Pacific on: Sept 7, Sept 28, Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 4 and Feb 1 (1st Wednesdays of each month)
  • 1-hour live Q & A or deep dive sessions will be on Zoom from 10:00-11:00 AM Pacific on: Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 21, Jan 20, Feb 15 (3rd Wednesdays of each month)

Video recordings of all sessions will be available to stream for a full year; audio recordings of the meditations may be downloaded for personal use.

6 Month Course Fee: $1495 paid in full, or 3 installments of $500 each

Registration is now closed.  A new class begins in March of 2023.

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