My Approach

The value of taking a consciousness-based approach to personal and professional work is that we don’t merely achieve our goals, although that happens more easily. We work with the full power of our Presence and come to know our true creative capacity. We become transformative influences wherever we are. Our very way of being becomes the vehicle and foundation for a more beautiful, loving, and fruitful world.

The clients who choose to work with me want clarity, freedom, a stronger sense of their own power and effectiveness, and confidence in their capacity to create the circumstances they desire. They are willing to take responsibility for their lives and experiences and are open to new ideas. Together, we find the level at which they are ready to work, always with an invitation to greater depth and power. I offer them an elevated perspective, candid reflections, practical tools, new skills, strategies, and thought partnership.

Throughout this process, I help clients perceive beyond their habitual view. With a clearer, more expanded view, responses become fresh, innovative, wise, and attuned to the needs of the moment. They open new possibilities and attract new resources and partners. And actions take on the ease and grace that come with being aware and aligned with the larger unfolding pattern.

My Background

I am a lifelong student of human development and of awareness—individual and collective. Throughout my professional life, I have explored ways to evolve our capacities to sense and respond to an increasingly complex world. My studies and work in neuroscience, adult development, complexity theory, adaptive leadership, public policy, conflict resolution, coaching, and energy work have all contributed to my multidimensional view of how we create and experience our lives together.

Animating all of these explorations has been my deep commitment to spiritual inquiry and practice. I was initiated early to the question of what it is to “live as Grace”—to live authentically, knowing each moment and circumstance as the gift it is and fully participating in awakened Presence. This enables me to support the deepest, most courageous inquiries and to enrich the most practical ones.

For over 20 years I have supported organizations and individuals working to realize a more vibrant, just, creative, and beautiful way of being together and with the world. They are transforming and uplifting our culture and the systems that serve us: higher education, reproductive and public healthcare, economic and food systems, sustainable housing, environmental protection, technology, communication, and more. It is my great joy to witness the changes they have made in these areas as well as the satisfaction, clarity, and peace of mind they have developed along the way.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Public Policy and a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy with specialized training in neurodevelopment and am certified in Professional Mediation and Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching. I have advanced training in leadership/executive coaching, facilitating high-stakes and complex conversations, conflict transformation, group process, the development of consciousness, spiritual guidance, subtle perception, and energy work.