The Co-Creative Power of Life

This is a special Portals of Perception conversation with a diverse group of practitioners and leaders who bring their insights into consciousness, and their skills in creating transformative change, to top executives, teams and communities around the world.

Anne Stadler, Grace Boda, Kate Sutherland, Royce HolladayJeff Vander Clute and Karin Jironet share their sense of what is emerging and most alive at the moment in their work with a wide variety of individuals and groups. How do they facilitate a personal or collective journey to evolve and transform consciousness? What is the role and power of a community in creating and supporting real transformation? How are each one of us in any moment co-creating our own and humanity’s future?

In this wide-ranging exchange we gain new insights into the power of silence and reflection; how to bring our presence to soften boundaries and open the heart; how to live with resilience, and how to make ourselves a conduit for the essential creative force of life to move through us with integrity and purpose.

Hosted by Portals of Perception: