The Four Practice Zones

Transformation and co-creation mean more than living only in our heads with great ideas and esoteric knowledge. They require being able to embody and bring to life our inner alignments, feelings, values, and knowing; making the journey from mental concepts and knowledge to a living reality that demonstrates our deepest awareness and understanding. Living a continually unfolding truth.

Fortunately, there are many simple practices that can help us actualize the knowledge and new thinking that currently may live only in our minds as unrealized good ideas, either as individuals or as communities. A living practice is a broader, more holistic, whole-person way of thinking, being, and collaborating.

In this conversation, teacher and consultant Grace Boda joins Aviv Shahar to look at physical, mental, and spiritual practices that energize personal and collective development, the search for deeper meaning, and the mission to bring real change to humanity and the planet.

Hosted by Portals of Perception: